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Becoming Satoshi

Before he was Satoshi Nakamoto, he was a Batman-obsessed suburban kid with lofty dreams of saving the world. 

Warning: This book has been noted to cause the following side effects: anonymous activities and tweeting, anti-totalitarian rants, code breaking, conspiratorial thinking, cryptologic communications, decentralized dancing, delusions of grandeur, denial-of-service attacks, DRM cracking, #flashmobs, Flowers of Happiness, freedom of speech, #griefing, Habbo raids, #hacking, #hammertime, independent thinking, #(Its)TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt, Operation Viral Transmission Number One Best Seller, peaceful resistance, #reincarnation, rule breaking, #safetydancing, selfies, stage diving, street fighting, super-heroism, treasure hunting, quantum teleportation, #Satoshi-ism (whatever that means), street art, tagging, video game mastery, and wearing Guy Fawkes masks in public and in bed.